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Aug. 15th, 2008

watching the light through the blinds while i do the dishes in my little white & cream kitchen.

The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Once a ripple came to land
In the golden sunset burning--
Lapped against a maiden’s hand,
By the ford returning.

Dainty foot and gentle breast--
Here, across, be glad and rest.
“Maiden, wait,” the ripple saith.
“Wait awhile, for I am Death!”

“Where my lover calls I go--
Shame it were to treat him coldly--
’Twas a fish that circled so,
Turning over boldly.”

Dainty foot and tender heart,
Wait the loaded ferry-cart.
“Wait, ah, wait!” the ripple saith;
“Maiden, wait, for I am Death!”

“When my lover calls I haste--
Dame Disdain was never wedded!”
Ripple-ripple round her waist,
Clear the current eddied.

Foolish heart and faithful hand,
Little feet that touched no land.
Far away the ripple sped,
Ripple--ripple--running red!

shadow puppetry...

last night natalie and i were making shadow puppets. all we could fairly manage was the dog. that is hers in the photo above...she is inspired now so we are learning to become shadow puppet masters :)

she had me looking up more shadow puupets and i found this site, shadow-puppets.com.

(also posted at my miniature journal & finding moths in my pocket)

Originally uploaded by nullalux.

The birds have retreated with the day. Small warm creatures, full of blood, groom themselves for the owl. Water sits heavily on the leaves, and drums its brineless fingers on the stone. Do you see? Do you see? Do you see?

we heart it...

i just found this wonderful site, called we heart it...it's filled with visual lovelies, photos, artwork and such...i have put my link of what i heart under the links here at flying tricycle (i've also put the feed on my finding moths in my pocket)...i think you all would really enjoy the site...

found on we heart it, by verdae

just a little wish...

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. ~John Barrymore

I hope you always dream big ♥
i hope you always dream...

who doesn't like mary poppins?

"First of all I would like to make one thing perfectly clear....I never explain anything." - M. Poppins

these have been with me for a long time...

original holly hobbies

anyone remember hollie hobbie? the true hollie hobbie, not the modern version they have girls nowadays. these two have been with me for a long time but one actually belonged to my cousin. after they where reunited again, i took a photo before giving my cousin her doll back...

'come to the window'

Come to the window,
My baby, with me,
And look at the stars
That shine on the sea!
There are two little stars
That play bo-peep
With two little fish
Far down in the deep;
And two little frogs
Cry "Neap, neap, neap;"
I see a dear baby
That should be asleep.


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a great mouse inventor once said..

"if birds and bees and tops of trees
are things you specially like,
if you like a breeze around your knees,
you'll need binn's flying trike."

-herbert binns

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